About Jacob


Jacob completed his Personal Training qualification in Australia, he started off running military style boot-camps for all fitness types, body shapes and ages from people wanting to improve body composition to athletes involved in representative sports.

Jacob also completed a fitness modified kickboxing course which lead him to training an amateur kick-boxer. The training he provided  improved the athletes strength, conditioning and range of motion which helped the athlete to a win in a title bout.


Why train with Jacob:


  • Tailored programming

  • Modern training methods

  • A personal and positive service

Jacob can provide the training you require to acheive fast sustainable results, whether it's the washboard abs for the beach, the booty out of a music video or to start everyday with a bit more confidence and energy.


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Jacobs' Qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in Fitness (AIPT)

  • Strength and Conditioning Level 1 (KBT)

  • Strength and Conditioning Level 2 (KBT)

  • Strength and Conditioning Level 4 (KBT)

  • British Weightlifting Coach Level 1 (KBT)

  • British Weightlifting Coach Level 2 (KBT)

  • Nutrition Level 1 (KBT)

  • Apply First Aid



Personal Training is great for anyone,

Whether you have a specific Health or Fitness goal in mind or you're new to the Gym/ Training world and you're nervous about doing things incorrectly or wasting time on sub-standard workouts, start your journey here.

            GROUP TRAINING


Group Training is a great option for a group of friends to begin a fitness endeavour together. In Group Training a friendly yet competitive atmosphere is created that will help everyone in the group to really push eachother to acheive each individuals goals.